The senior pastor/elder has the responsibility to oversee the governing of the local church. The senior pastor is a servant leader and serves the Body of Christ by humble leadership. Along with the leadership team he is responsible for direction, protection and correction in the local church. He is personally accountable to the RNI Apostolic Council that provides spiritual oversight. He is responsible to interpret the mission, vision, goals, and strategy of the church.

We see in the scripture that God appoints leadership.  These leaders are called by God to lead through servanthood. A husband is appointed by God to be the head of his household and along with his wife provide leadership for the family. He is called to lay down his life for his wife and children.

In the church, teams of leaders are called to pray and work together. As these teams walk together in unity and listen to the discernment that comes form God and from those whom they serve, clear direction should be discerned. The principle of headship functions within the team setting.

If the senior leader is appropriately attached to the leadership team through relationships built on trust, servanthood, prayer and proper communication and the leadership team properly supports and affirms the senior leader, the anointing of the Holy Spirit will run down from the head to the shoulders to the body. As these servant leaders dwell together in the unity of Christ, God will command a blessing as indicated in Psalm 133.