Life Groups

Introduction to Life Groups

Life Groups are more than small group meeting.  In many churches you may find “small groups” which are a program of the church congregation.  At Restoration Cornerston, Life Groups are not a program of the congregation. They are the most basic unit of the congregation. In other words, you can expect “small church” in our Life Groups.

Life groups are the smallest units of people who have teamed up to do the work of the congregation. Our Life Groups will flex as needed for the purpose of coming alongside each other to meet the very real day-to-day needs of the congregation. It is very difficult to be very intimate and personal in a larger group setting, so our Life Groups provide a safe environment for each person to be authentic with one another and provide the opportunity for maximum spiritual growth.

In a Life group, Christians come together in close relationship to do the work of the kingdom. Life Group members join with one another to edify, equip, and evangelize. In our Life Groups, the focus is on “one another” ministry. Depending upon the spiritual maturity of the believers in a Life Group you may have a recognizable leader or you may have more of a peer model where each member of the group is functioning in their giftings from the Spirit.

It is our desire to have a vibrant and active set of Life Groups where the Lord is able to meet the needs of each individual member of the congregation through ministering to one another.