About Us


Restoration Cornerstone Church (RCC) is a part of a cell-church network by the name of Restoration Network International based in Sarasota, Florida.  The network actually began thirty years ago in Harrisonburg, VA at Cornerstone Church of Broadway with Pastor Gerald Martin.  As other Cornerstone churches were planted in various area, the network began to grow.  After 25 years as being the Apostolic leader of the Cornerstone Church Network International, Pastor Gerald sensed from the Lord that it was time to retire and multiply the network into two networks: Heartlink and Restoration Network International (RNI).  RNI consists of five churches in the United States as well as various countries overseas.  Click this link for more information about the History of Restoration Cornerstone Church (RCC).

Restoration Cornerstone Church is a trans denominational church, meaning that we have chosen to operate above denominational lines that tend to separate rather than bring unity.  We believe in the gifts of the Spirit and that every person has a place in the body of Christ.  The primary role of the pastor is not to do all the ministry, but rather to train and equip the people to do the work of ministry according to Ephesians 4.  We believe that missions, both overseas and here in the United States, is the spiritual lifeline of the church.  If we have no outward focus, we become self centered and run the risk of self-destructing.

We don’t preach a legalistic, external kind of religion.  Our emphasis is not on being good Christians, but rather on entering into a personal relationship with Jesus.  We don’t have a list of rules and regulations that people have to measure up to in order to become members.  We don’t pressure people to conform to some external standard.  The Bible is our standard.