Discernments from the Family Meeting

Dear Church Family and Friends,

This Past Sunday we met for communion and to have a fellowship meal. Following the meal we met together as a church family to decide the next steps following August 31st. After prayer, we opened up the meeting for a time of discussion about meeting in small groups in homes and meeting as a large group after August 31st.

At the present time, our congregation meets in three small groups in homes. These groups meet twice each month. It was decided that we would continue to meet in these small groups in homes following August 31st. The majority of the group expressed a preference for continuing to meet as a large group once each month as well. In the coming weeks we will be looking for a home (or homes) conducive for this monthly large group meeting.

Although there were a few people that indicated that they would plan to do otherwise the majority of those present were committed to continued to meet together each month. One suggestion was that people who were interested in meeting each Sunday with a large group were welcome to join with our sister congregation at the Dwelling Place in Charlottesville. Some people indicated that this might be a possibility for them.

During the month of August, Jean Marie and Sarah McGahee will be doing a complete inventory of all items in the church building. On August 15th the leadership and financial advisory team will be meeting to make decisions about the liquidation or distribution of these resources. If you have any personal property stored in the building, please contact Arlin or myself so that you can retrieve these items before the end of the month. Our goal is to remove all personal items from the building by August 24th.

Resources such as chairs, tables and sound equipment will be sold or donated to other RNI or local ministries. Our priority is to use these items for the work of building the kingdom of God in Charlottesville and beyond. Please do not move or remove any objects from the church during this inventory. If items must be removed please contact Arlin Martin or Jon Quesenberry before doing so.

We will be continuing our series this Sunday on True Christian Community. Please bring your “Blueprint for Christian Community” sheets along with you.

Much Love,

Jon Quesenberry