James Jones Sunday message & upcoming plans

May, 24, 2019

Dear Church Family and Friends,

This past Sunday Jamie Jones brought the message. It was wonderful! Thanks James, for ministering in this way. We are already talking about another date. God has equipped each member of the body of Christ with gifts and callings to minister to all the others. As we step out to minister according to these gifts we find that God enables us to operate in supernatural (beyond what we are able) ways to encourage others. Thanks James for letting God use you in this way.

Next Sunday, June 2nd, Josh Slabaugh will be bringing the message. He will start his interim as pastoral leader at RCC. We will have a fellowship meal and communion next Sunday as well. This coming Sunday (May 26th) will be my last Sunday to preach & lead worship until Sunday, June 30thJosh is  an excellent worship leader with many years of experience leading worship in his home congregation. Josh has also completed training in teaching and preaching under the supervision of the Restoration Fellowship Church. I am very excited about Josh’s coming and I know that he will be a blessing to all. I will be giving out Josh’s cell phone number on June 2nd so that you can have direct communication with him during the month of June.

I have some further discernments about the month of June to share with you. I feel led to share these things with hope that you will continue to walk alongside of me and pray for me in this process. I also feel that this month has a lot to do with the future of our church family. This past week I was talking with a very respected friend of mine and she just calmly referred to the month of June “Your RESET month.” That word really resonated with me. Please be praying for me in the month of June that God would align and reset my internal environment. Please pray that God would direct the plans that He has for me and for us at RCC.

During the month of June, I will not be going to any “good idea” conferences. I will not be taking any big trips or going on vacation. Instead I feel led to press into God in worship, meditation and prayer. I plan to stay at home or retreat to our off-grid cabin in Nelson County. I am feeling led to invest 1-2 hours or more per day in worship, “abiding” and prayer. Instead of working 12 & 16 hour days, I will be working 8-10 hour days. Instead of eating poorly an exercising infrequently I will be eating nutritionally and exercising regularly. During our Counseled by God class, I received some further insight from the Lord in the form of a picture. I pictured God placing me on a work bench and there opening my mind and heart and doing what looked to me like intricate and important adjustments. In the picture, he had to encourage me to lay still a couple of times. It was a unique but encouraging image for me to take into this period of my life. It is comforting to know that He has such an interest in the condition of my heart and mind and that His plans for me in June are good. Please pray for me that I will be able to cooperate with Him in order to work the transformation in me that He desires. I also feel that I will encouraged with  renewed vision and direction for our church family.

Randy Jones will be returning home on Friday, May 31st. Please continue to pray for Randy. He has many health challenges facing him. I was able to visit and pray with him on Wednesday. Pray that Randy would gain spiritual and physical strength for total healing!

See you on Sunday,

Jon Quesenberry