Report from Family Meeting, Next Steps & Being Church Series

Dear Church Family and Friends,

This past Sunday was an important day in the life of our church family. Forty-two people attended our time of worship, prayer and focus on the Word. We also had a meaningful Lord’s Supper celebration. God is drawing us to Himself. When we meet, we meet in the presence of Jesus to reveal His glory and extend His kingdom on the earth! I am so grateful that God is clarifying His call for our congregation. I am so grateful that we are keeping our eyes on Jesus and seeking Him together!

Carol and I will be away this coming week to RNI Pastor’s Retreat in Florida, from February 10th  to February 15th. We are looking forward this opportunity to network and receive ministry from other other RNI pastors and leaders. Please keep us in prayer! There is so much that Carol and I need from God! Both of us are completely unable to do what He has called us to in ministry. I am truly very expectant this next week for restoration of strength and a reordering of our focus, not only as leaders, but as lovers of Jesus.

At our Family Decision Making Meeting we were able to discuss some very important topics related to our finances. Arlin shared a financial report which was followed by many questions about the status of our finances. Many questions about the financial state of our congregation were discussed. Along with the financial information that was shared we discussed several options for moving ahead. The date of March 1st and April 30th were suggested as dates for instituting changes. I was able to share very specifically about my salary and options for pastoral support. A discussion regarding continuing to meet in the church building was followed by what it might look like to transition into a “house church.” There was affirmation for both directions. Although only decisions were made, the goal of discernment was served extremely well. Our discussion was extremely real and transparent. I want to commend all those who made it a priority to attend this meeting and also those who participated in listening well and sharing at the meeting. God is moving among us.

I would like to ask if anyone has any family or church group pictures. Ideally, we need pictures of RCC meeting on Sunday or candid pictures taken at fellowship meals, children’s events etc.. We need these pictures for our website and for future promotional materials.

Please be in prayer for discernment about leadership in our congregation for community outreach. We have discerned (without any doubt) that God is calling us to reach out to our friends and neighbors as a church body. For this type of group ministry will need a coordinator. Please be prepared to discuss this topic when we next meet for our next family meeting on February 17th.

Our next Family Decision Making Meeting will be on Sunday, February 17th following the morning Service. Please reserve 90 minutes to 2 hours for this meeting. We have several very important decisions to make at that meeting. Please continue to pray and show up for your church family. I believe that our vision and direction is being enriched and refined. The discernments that we are discovering at these meetings will be applicable to everyone. Therefore, it is important that all members of the congregation participate in these discernment sessions. God is giving us wisdom and is empowering us to move ahead in unity and purpose to become a powerful life-giving church in Crozet. It is not the time to look back with regret or carry blame for what “could have been.” We are called to be the living, breathing and active body of Christ! The call of God for us right now is to be participants and partners with Him!

We also will continue our series on “Being Church” for the next five weeks, God willing!  We are in an unprecedented time of change in church history. The traditional structure of the church is dying. What is the path that God has for us? As we continue with this series,  I believe that God will give us many important insights for our discernment process and our planning for the future.

See you on Sunday!

Jon Quesenberry