Tonight: Prayer & Lord’s Supper Meeting – 6:30pm, Family meeting on Sunday

January 10, 2019 Dear Church Family & Friends,

Tonight, Thursday, January 10th we will gather at 6:30pm for prayer, communion, foot-washing and sharing discernments together. This will be one of the most important events of our family life together. Please do not miss this meeting! Please bring a copy of the plan the discernments that you have received during our 3 periods of fasting to share at the end of the meeting.

Please plan to share ALL discernments gained by fasting and prayer either at the meeting tonight or by email (to this address) before the family meeting this coming Sunday! The discernments that we gain from these three fasts will be what we use to base our decisions about the future. I have a list of all the discernments received so far. I will provide the group tonight with the list of discernments that I have.

This Sunday at noon (after the service) we will begin the decision making process regarding the future of RCC at our family meeting. Please make plans to participate in this noon meeting. Our focus for the meeting will be on the discernments gained through fasting and prayer. The focus of the meeting will not be based on spur-of-the-moment ideas for the future. This first meeting will focus on discerning the continuation of RCC as we have been. This meeting will be the first of several meetings to make decisions about the next steps at RCC.  Child care will be available.

Starting on Sunday, January, 20th we will be starting a new 8 week series: “Being Church” We will be using Francis Chan’s new book; “Letters to the Church” as a resource. If you would like a copy for $9 (bookstore price is $12-$16) please reply to this email. Francis Chan was a successful author and mega-church pastor in southern California. He stepped down after a period of personal fasting and prayer. During this time of reflection he discerned that the church in America (and more specifically his church) was giving more time and energy to pleasing people rather than pleasing God. After resigning, he spent time overseas with the church in India, Singapore and Tibet. “Letters to the Church” came out of seeing what God is doing in the church worldwide that is free of the stranglehold of consumerism. This is a revolutionary book. It contains prophetic insight into the heart of God for the American church. This series will be life changing!

If you ordered a book prior to January 10th please see me on Sunday to get your copy. I have a few extra copies.. but if you would like your own copy be sure to let me know by text or email.

See you tonight at 6:30pm!, Pastor Jon Quesenberry