Fellowship Meal This Sunday, 3 Days of Fasting & Lord’s Supper Meeting on Thursday

November 29, 2018 Dear RCC Family & Friends,

This Sunday we will have our monthly Fellowship Meal following the service. We will not be having communion on Sunday. We will have communion at the Prayer & Lord’s Supper Meeting on Thursday evening. On Sunday morning, please bring a dish of food (or two) to share with others! Please invite your friends and neighbors to come to church with you and join with us on Sunday for our fellowship meal.

Caleb Albertson reached 90% mission trip fundraising goal – but he still needs the remainder by this coming Monday! If you would like to give but haven’t done so, there is still time! Please go online -to this link- to give: https://give.omusa.org/om/albertsoncaleb .

We had a short family meeting last Sunday at the end of the service. Highlights from the meeting are as follows: Unfortunately, we continue to operate at deficit with relationship to our budget. Arlin and I gave financial updates: Our weekly financial support from tithing has increased but it has not yet increased to meet budget. (For specific printed information please see Arlin Martin.) I also shared that we would not begin a decision making process about “next steps” for RCC until January 2019. To be clear, I feel that it is not wise to enter into a decision making process about the future of RCC during the Christmas season. Finally, I did share three “general options” for the future – each is entirely dependent on the participation of members between now and the end of the year. If you would like a summary of these three options you can email me a request personally at: jon@rccrozet.org. (-or hit reply to this newsletter and make a request.)

Our 3 day fast begins tomorrow, Monday, Dec 3- Wednesday Dec. 5th! This Thursday (Dec. 6th @ 6:30pm) we will will meet for Prayer, The Lord’s Supper and on Thursday, December 6th at 6:30pm. Please plan now to seek God regarding how you should fast for these three days. This fast is for spiritual breakthrough – for RCC and each one personally. You may want to fast good completely or drink only juice for three days or perhaps skip one meal each day. Please seek the Lord about what He would lead you to fast. At the Thursday evening meeting we will gather to give our attention to prayer and then we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper and then serve one another by washing one another’s feet. I am very excited about what God is going to do among us at this meeting! We are washing feet in obedience to what the Lord revealed during our last fast & prayer meeting. We know that as we walk in obedience to Jesus that God will guide and empower us. This is the pattern of Scripture for all who listen and obey the Lord.

Our Annual Christmas Program and Party will be on Thursday, December 20th at 6:30 pm. Please mark your calendars now. Our children will be presenting a short program followed by good fellowship, good food and fun together.

Thanks for your prayers! Carol and I are feeling much better! On Monday morning we both went to the doctors office. It turns out that Carol has pneumonia and I have bronchitis and a sinus infection. I admit that being sick in bed (or couch) has been very difficult! Thanks again for your prayers! So many people have reached out to us to encourage us and let us know that we are loved. I especially want to thank Arlin & Janet and Jean Marie for the food. Today is the first day that Carol and I have been able to do a full day’s work. Both of us are on a strong antibiotic plus additional traditional and non-traditional interventions.

I want to take this opportunity to say that all healing comes from God! Carol and I  acknowledge that God is our Healer and we praise Him alone for healing us! As a pastor and registered nurse, I want to go on record to say that humans have no power whatsoever to heal. God is the one source for healing. The various strategies and interventions for healing that we have available to us -I believe- have been provided to us from God – as much as prayer alone. There is no advantage to avoiding medical intervention when it is needed. Healing requires the participation in the intervention of God. This partnership with God occurs in prayer but also in partnership with doctors, nurses, therapists and nutritionists to heal. There is a tendency to think that God gets the praise when only prayer is involved. Not true! All healing is divine! It all comes from the loving hand of God! He gets all the praise!

See you Sunday, Pastor Jon Quesenberry