About last Sunday – Matt Shares, Family Meeting This Sunday

November 23, 2018 Dear RCC family & friends,

Wow! Last Sunday was amazing! Seventy people gathered at RCC to passionately worship God and then to respond to the message that Dr. Jen Miskov shared with us! Jen shared with us an anointed message about revival and then invited us to step out of our comfort zones in response to Him. It is so amazing how the presence of God uses us to do miraculous things when we walk in radical obedience to Him. This is New Testament Christianity. The apostles were able to change the world by humbly walking in the miraculous power of God.

I felt as though there was a real breakthrough in the Spirit on Sunday. God was/is calling us to partner with Him, to engage in supernatural ministry. Our commission from Jesus has been: “Heal the sick, cleanse the unclean, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.” (Matt 10:8) This is what we intend to do!

This Sunday, Matt Anderson will be sharing from his amazing mission trip to Cuba. Matt and I met this week and I excited about what he is planning to share! God really moved in Cuba when Matt was there! Prepare your hearts to hear a transforming testimony and to respond!

On Sunday we will meet for 30 minutes at the conclusion of the service for a family meeting. Please make every effort to be present. Six Sundays remain between now and then new year. There are some challenges before us as a congregation. But I believe that God may be working among us to bring us into a new and vital season in the life of our church. I believe that God is creating a situation that will allow us to enter into a powerful transformation as His Body, the fullness of His being on the earth! It is important, however to realize that the challenges before us are real and that we respond to God in obedience. We will look at these issues together as a church family and prayerfully discover His will for us!

Our 3 day fast begins NEXT WEEK, Monday, Dec 3- Wednesday Dec. 5th! Then we will have a prayer meeting and Lord’s Supper on Thursday, December 6th at 6:30pm. Please plan now to seek God by means of fasting for these three days. You may want to skip one meal each day or drink only juice for three days. Please seek the Lord about what you should fast. At the Thursday meeting we will gather to give our attention to prayer and then we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper and then serve one another by washing one another’s feet. As we were meeting during the last prayer meeting we discerned that this is what we felt that God was calling us to do. We want to make this event child-friendly. We know that as we walk in obedience to Jesus that God will guide us in all our ways. This is the pattern of Scripture.

Our Annual Christmas Program and Party will be on Thursday, December 20th at 6:30 pm.Please mark your calendars now. Our children will be presenting a short program followed by a time of good food and fun together.

There will be a Holy Clubs Equipping Meeting with Benjamin Atkinson this coming Monday night at 7pm at C-HOP (115 10th St. N.W. Charlottesville.) Benjamin Atkinson was a weekend conference speaker at RCC about 9 years ago. Benjamin is the author of Holy Clubs. Holy Clubs are a wonderful discipleship strategy! It is such a simple and powerful strategy to reach out to encourage and disciple other in your family, church or neighborhood. This is so appropriate for us now at this point in our history. I hope that you can come! I believe that God is equipping all of us to make disciples in accordance with the command of scripture in Matt. 28:18.

See you on Sunday!

Jon Quesenberrry