Family Meeting this Sunday, Days for Fasting & Prayer and Christmas Party date

November 14, 2018

Dear Church Family & Friends,

This Sunday will be an important Sunday in the life or our congregation. Please make every effort to be present. Seven Sundays remain between now and then new year and there are some important discernments that we will need to make as a congregation. As I mentioned last week, we continue to experience decreased attendance and inadequate tithing. The truth is that we cannot continue to exist as we do now without an increase in participation and tithing. But contrary to these negatives I am expectant and hopeful. I believe that God is working among us to bring us into a new and vital season in the life of our church. I believe that God is creating a situation that will allow us to enter into a powerful transformation as His Body, the fullness of His being on the earth!

In the Bible we often see that a season of crisis usually precedes a season of power and blessing. In every biblical example a period of crisis is simply an opportunity for the people of God to step out of their comfort zones into the powerful purposes of God. What we may feel is a situation of  great danger, God is presenting as a situation of great opportunity. Please read all of the following information so that you can be prepared for our prayerful discussion on Sunday.

God has good plans for our future. I believe that God has allowed crisis to focus us on what He is doing on the earth. He is calling us, as a body of believers, to join Him in His work. He is calling us to experience a deeper and essential relationship with Him and to give our lives more fully to serving one another. God wants to raise up a life-giving expression of the body of Christ in Crozet and to reveal His glory and extend His kingdom on the earth. In this situation, He is calling each of us to take our place in this plan. The key right now is determining what God is saying to you. It is not time for discouragement or fear or apathy. Apathy, at this time, will surely be the end of our history together. Blaming and criticizing others will contribute to the problem. The best response right now is engagement in prayer, personal and corporate discernment and reaching out to love and serve other church family members in true fellowship! It is time to seek the Lord in prayer and fasting and then walk in obedience to what He is calling us to do. It’s time to pull together. No matter what we face, we must face it together, with confidence (faith) in God and in vital relationship (fellowship) with other family members in the Body of Christ. This is the biblical pattern for victory, power and purpose!

I would like to call for another 3 day fast. I would like to set apart Monday- Wednesday, December 3-5th as days for fasting and prayer. Then we will have a prayer meeting and Lord’s Supper on Thursday, December 6th at 6:30pm. God uses fasting to change our hearts and situation. At this meeting we will gather to give our attention to prayer and discernment. Then we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper and serve one another by washing one another’s feet. This is a tradition that we used to celebrate once each year. It seems that God is calling us to re-institute this practice. We are planning to do this because this is what we discerned that God was calling us to do at our last prayer meeting. We want to make this event child-friendly. We are expectant that walking in obedience to Jesus this will bring about a breakthrough in the Spirit. This is the pattern of Scripture.

Please continue to pray for safety and anointing for Matt Anderson this week as he is in Cuba! Matt will be returning Saturday evening from 10 days of ministry there. Since there is no cell service and very limited access at all Danielle tells me that even she has not heard from him. I know that all of us are expectant to hear the testimony and the stories from from his time in ministry there!

Caleb will be sharing his OM video this Sunday. Please do not miss this amazing and creative presentation. God surely has gifted Caleb! We are excited that God has called Caleb with all of his talents to serve on the mission field. Caleb will be giving us the contact for how we can support him during his 2 years in service to Jesus with OM!

This Sunday we will continue to give our primary attention to worship and encountering God as we gather in His presence. We will continue to keep our focus on Sunday mornings. We gather to encounter, interact and minister to the Presence of God. This is the primary reason for our meeting together. He is worthy and since we are a kingdom of priests (Rev. 5:10) we have gathered to do our priestly duties of ministering to the Lord in worship and prayer.

We also will continue with our Focus on the Word – Discipleship Series. Last Sunday was a serious look at what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. This week we will look at The Power of Discipleship. The first disciples turned the world upside down. The followers of the Way (as they were called) were much different than Christians today! The first church was a society of love and power. They lived in relationship with Jesus and regularly experienced signs, wonders and miracles. Historians describe what a force the early church was to those who experienced them! The first believers were a transformational society! Rather than meeting once a week for an hour the early church gathered informally in small groups on a daily basis. They didn’t gather for a program but rather to pursue being with Jesus and becoming like Jesus as well as loving and caring one another. They devoted themselves to the disciples teaching, non-optional fellowship and to ministering to God in worship and prayer. (Acts 2:42)

Society has changed alot in 2000 years but God is raising up a righteous remnant in this important time in history. All across the country and around the world God is calling true followers to walk together in vital purpose and power either with or without the benefit of a weekly Sunday morning church building. The weekly meetings of many of these groups of believers may last many hours. Our weekly meeting may not last this long, but we must maintain the goals of the New Covenant that Jesus gave us. We are committed to this!

Our Annual Christmas Program and Party will be on Thursday, December 20th at 6:30 pm. Please mark your calendars now. Our children will be presenting a short program followed by a time of good food and fun together.

 See you on Sunday!

Pastor Jon Quesenberry