🌳 The Hurricane, Fall Class and Body Life

Dear RCC Church family and friends,

It looks like Hurricane Florence will be missing us. Instead it will be hitting North Carolina with catastrophic wind and rain over the next 48 hours. According to CNN predictions, our area should get 7 MPH winds and an inch of rain on Monday. Even though the storm will miss us, please be in prayer for our sister church in Charleston South Carolina. Mark & Heather George lead Restoration of Charleston. They are expected to get hit with 50 MPH winds and 15-20 inches of rain over the next 24 hours. Please pray for wisdom and protection for our sister congregation.
We will plan to meet on Sunday morning as usual no matter how much rain & wind we get. If the “power” goes out at the church we will still meet! We had practice with this on Sunday last week!
Last Sunday the electric went out at the church during the service, but the power did not! It was great to be involved in a situation where not having lights and sound amplification made very little difference in worship. I felt as though it was a good opportunity to test the depth of our interest in worship and encounter God. For those of you who were not there, the situation was quite unique. The lights went out during the last worship song. Suddenly we were all sitting in a semi-dark room singing with only the sound of two guitars and the drums. Worship continued with just a little hesitation. When worship was over we continued with announcements. Carol brought me a headlamp and we continued the meeting..  some sharing and the sermon.  Overall I felt as though it was an encouraging experience. Some commented that they enjoyed the fact that the power went out. One person said that it made the service more intimate.
Although we don’t plan on doing the service without lights and sound in the future, the experience caused me to think about what would happen if we experienced resistance and/or persecution. Will the church persevere in meeting to worship in times of persecution? In the 10/40 window the church already faces extreme resistance and persecution. What will our resolve be when the weather, the government or social unrest interfere with our ability to meet to worship and meet to encourage one another.  The electric power is back on at the church this week. We will plan to meet next Sunday no matter how much rain we get. In fact, our policy from now on will be that we probably won’t cancel service unless it is impossible to get into the parking lot. This may happen if we get lots of snow.
I am happy to announce that our badly out of date website is about to be updated! Clayton Shumate has agreed to be our new webmaster! Thank you Clayton! Since January, we have been in need of a skilled person to do weekly edits and update our website.
An attractive and up-to-date website is an essential outreach tool. People who are looking for a church use Google. If they find a site that is unattractive, out-of-date or inaccurate they usually do not pursue attending that church. We have a beautiful and powerful website but it has been seriously out of date for nearly 6 months. Over the next 30 days we are hoping to get all of our Home groups, church schedule and class information up to date. This is another way that we will be able to reach out to our community to share our compassion and the love of Jesus!
This past week our new home groups met for the first time. We had people attend each of the groups. The men’s and women’s home groups appear to be the preferred way that people want to meet.
Please take a look at the groups and prayerfully discern which group God is leading you to participate in. In the days to come, home groups will become the backbone of our church life. Please plan on visiting a home group soon! After 3 meetings we will be making a decision about the viability of the groups. Home Group 1: Daytimers Home Group Hosts: Arlin & Janet Martin (434-531-5968) When: Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday @ 1:30pm Where: Arlin & Janet Martin’s Home (or as arranged) Who: Men and Women Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 25th Home Group 2: Family Home Group Hosts: Jon & Carol Quesenberry (434-760-0009) When: Every 1st & 3rd Tuesday @ 7:00pm Where: Jon & Carol’s Home (or as decided by group) Who: Men & Women & children Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 18th Home Group 3: Women’s Home Group Host: Carol Quesenberry (434-760-0009) When: Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday@ 7:00pm Where: Jon & Carol’s home (May change location) Who: Women Next Meeting: Wednesday, September 26th Home Group 4: Men’s Home Group Host: Jon Quesenberry (434-760-2100) When: Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday @ 7:00pm Where: Jon & Carol’s Home (To start.. may change) Who: Men Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 25th Servants are still needed. Service to others in the body of Christ is true leadership. Contrary to what the world teaches about leadership, leadership in the body of Christ is just simply serving others. Thanks to Danielle, Jean Marie, Kim and Wade for stepping up to help with children’s ministry. We are still desperately in need of an administrative assistant with web page skills, a keyboard player for the worship team and a worship leader intern. The administrative assistant position is a paid position. We need someone who is available for 2-4 hours on Thursday mornings.
We are at a place in the life of our church where forward motion of the vision will require that servant leaders step into the call of God. It is important to remember that obedience to even the smallest call of God is costly. The enemy will do anything he can to keep you from making progress in following the call of God. But there is no comparison to the power and purpose of allowing God to use you to change the world around you when you say yes to His call. This Sunday we are going to continue to discover the pattern of God regarding obedience. Last week we talked about three obstacles to Obedience: 1. The Consumer Mentality, 2. Information Saturation and finally 3. Undiscovered Sovereignty. All three of these very strong social currents must be fought to even begin to discover what it means to walk in obedience to God. This Sunday, we will review this quickly and then talk about the process that we must engage in to walk in obedience and how that differs from our natural decision making pattern. Obedience to God enables us to live powerfully. Obedience allows us to experience the fullness of Gods power and purpose! This teaching will be foundational in helping us discover a life of power and purpose. If you feel powerless and purposeless, perhaps God is calling you to a deeper level of obedience to His call? Walking in obedience to Jesus is a life of miracles, power and purpose but it is not easy. The Deeper with God Course begins NEXT Thursday September 20th at 7pm. This class will be held at the Charlottesville House of Prayer at 115 10th St. N.W. This is the second class in the Hearing God’s Voice Series. This class will focus on learning and practicing seven basic disciplines that have enabled believers throughout history to hear and see God clearly. This class will be 8 weeks long and will be held at the House of Prayer (115 10th St. N.W. Charlottesville.) Sign up on the entry table or click HERE to register. See you Sunday!

Pastor Jon Quesenberry