Home Groups and Plans for this Sunday

Dear Church Family and Friends,

I wanted to let everyone know about Arlin Martin. Arlin Martin fell on Monday afternoon at 5:30pm. He was transported to the hospital by rescue squad. On the way to the hospital the rescue squad noticed that his heart rate got as low as 40 beats per minute. Arlin was in the hospital all day Tuesday but most likely will be going home today. Tests show that his heart beat is irregular at times. The doctors are still unsure how to treat the problem but will continue to do monitoring. Please pray for safety and healing for Arlin. As most of you know, Arlin and Janet Martin are leaders in our congregation and an incredible support to the ministry. Arlin serves on the Financial Advisory Team for our church and as our treasurer. The Martins also host a home group.

This coming Sunday Carol and I will be on vacation with family for the Labor Day weekend. We are really looking forward to spending some refreshing time with family. This Sunday, Titus Kuepfer (a house church planter from Charlottesville) will be bringing the Sunday morning message. Some of you may know Titus from the House of Prayer. Jill Hatter will be leading worship. Jill has been a worship leader for many years. Some of you may know Jill from the Cornerstone Church of Augusta when she led worship there.

This Sunday, we will be announcing the start of 3 new home groups in addition to the continuation of Arlin & Janet’s group. At first we were expecting to start five new small groups and then up until last week we were fairly sure that it would be four. This past week we discovered that all potential home group leaders other than Carol and I have elected not to lead a small group at this time. Sorry for the delay in announcing the groups. As I mentioned at our mid-year family meeting; we are at a crucial time in the life of our church. Ministering people are needed. The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few.

Please take a look at the small groups that will begin as early as September 4th:

Home Group 1: Daytimers Home Group
Hosts: Arlin & Janet Martin
When: Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday @ 1:30pm
Where: Arlin & Janet Martin’s Home (or as arranged)
Who: Men and Women
NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, September 11th

Home Group 2: Family Home Group
Hosts: Jon & Carol Quesenberry
When: Every 1st & 3rd Tuesday @ 7:00pm
Where: Jon & Carol’s Home (or as decided by group)
Who: Men & Women & children
STARTS: Tuesday, September 4th

Home Group 3: Women’s Home Group
Host: Carol Quesenberry
When: Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday@ 7:00pm
Where: Jon & Carol’s home (May change location)
Who: Women
STARTS: Wednesday, September 12th

Home Group 4: Men’s Home Group
Host: Jon Quesenberry
When: Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday @ 7:00pm
Where: Jon & Carol’s Home (To start.. may change)
Who: Men
STARTS: Tuesday, September 11th

Please be praying about which home group you will plan to attend. In the days to come, our home groups will become the backbone of our congregation. There are so many things that cannot happen in 2 hours on a Sunday morning. Our home groups will become a source of spiritual and emotional life. In these groups we will be able to share our joys and concerns. If you have a need, you can share it in your home group. Other believers will be able to gather around you and pray for you.

We also will begin a 12-week discovery focus in our home groups. While the structure and content of each home group will be a little different the goals for our meeting we have will be the same. We will learn how to love each other by encouragement as well as mutual ministry and accountability.

Please write the date time and location of YOUR first home group meeting in your calendar.

Our Deeper with God Course will begin on Thursday September 20th from 7-9pm. This class is the second in the Hearing God’s Voice Series. Building on the first class we will continue our personal and passionate pursuit of God. Intimate communion with God is basic to the New Covenant. With this as our premise, this class will focus on learning and practicing seven basic disciplines that have enabled believers throughout history to hear and see God clearly. This class will be 8 weeks long and will held in at the House of Prayer. Click on this link to register: https://www.charlottesvillehop.com/deeper-with-god-class

See you in home group!

Pastor Jon Quesenberry