Prayer Requests for Myers & Wenger families & New Sunday Series!

Dear Church Family and Friends, Please be praying for Russ & Cathe Myers and family! Russ’ mother, Isabel, passed away on Wednesday morning. Russ and Cathy left on Thursday to go down to Reedsville, NC to be with Russ’ father, Ralph. Please also pray for Ralph as he is in hospice care and is also not doing very well. Russ has asked if we would pray that God would use he and Cathe to minister life and peace to the family during this challenging time. Esther Wenger (Ryan Wenger mother) is recovering from open heart surgery this weekend. She had a valve replacement on Monday and is recovering well. Please be in prayer for pain relief and a quick recovery! Jensina Printz and baby (George William) are home now and doing well. What a miracle! For those of you who may not know, Jensina survived emergency surgery, receiving over 30 units of blood following the birth of a healthy baby on May 2nd. Praise God for His protection and healing power! It is a miracle that she is alive and healthy! Once she has recovered, we look forward to seeing the baby and hearing their testimony! This coming Sunday we will begin a new series on the Kingdom of God for our focus on the Word time. The Kingdom of God was the one thing that Jesus talked about more than any other topic. Jesus taught us to pray: “Father… Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven..” So what does it mean when we ask God’s kingdom to come to earth? What does the kingdom of God look like? We will focus on these and other questions as we spend the next 4-5 weeks on this topic! This Sunday we will also have a time of sharing. Several members of the Hearing God’s voice class will be sharing! Our Hearing God’s Voice class is at the halfway point. Several in the class have been sharing how the class has changed their prayer life in positive ways. Also, anyone else who has a testimony will have an opportunity to share. This Sunday we will also be receiving the Lord’s Supper. From now on we will plan to receive the Lord’s supper every first Sunday of the month. It is so good to be back and recovered from jet-lag. God is building His church by means of His glorious and precious presence. We gather to meet and commune with a powerful and loving God! See you Sunday! Pastor Jon Quesenberry