Partnering with God #2

Dear Church Family and Friends, Please Note: Daylight Savings time begins this Sunday! Please advance your clocks by one hour on Saturday evening! Greetings in the loving and powerful name of our Lord Jesus! If you have not completed the Motivational Gifts Assessment form handed out last Sunday please do so and bring it with you this coming Sunday! The results of this assessment will be very helpful and encouraging to each member! We will be using these results to discover how God has created us and fit us together in the body of Christ. The motivational gifts reveal how we are energized to love and minister one to another. This Sunday we will give time for testimonies! A lot has happened this past week! In spite of many trials, wind and power outages, God has been active among His people! I am excited about the way that God has been miraculously showing up among us! If you have a specific testimony about what God has been doing in your life lately, please plan to share it this Sunday! Giving testimony about what the Lord is doing among us is another way that we honor God and build faith in one another! In fact, the Bible says that we overcome the enemy by “the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony..” (Rev. 12:11) Once again, this Sunday our goal as the gathered body of Christ will to be to encounter God! We don’t want to lose sight of this specific goal for gathering on Sunday morning! After a time of worship and waiting upon the Lord our Focus on the Word time will be about: Partnering with God. In the Bible God continually invites His people to partner with Him to reveal His glory and extend His kingdom on the earth! Jesus said: “Truly I tell you, what ever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Matt 18:18. Wow! Why are we given this authority and how should we use it? Jesus also told his disciples; “You may ask for anything – in my name – and I will do it!” John 14:14. When we read these scriptures we become keenly aware that Jesus is inviting us to partner with Heaven to see God move on the earth? For most, this is an unknown reality and privilege! More about this on Sunday! As I mentioned last week; the results of the Feedback form are in! I want to thank everyone who handed in a feedback form last week. (We will also be able to collect completed forms today.) This was such a helpful communication tool! What we discovered is that most everyone seems to be excited about the Presence- based community vision and direction so far. Even the knowledge that this vision includes spending some time each week in serving and ministering to others in the Body of Christ. Starting small groups again was something that was overwhelmingly affirmed. The format for our Sunday Celebration; our Sunday worship, waiting, focus on the Word time followed by mutual ministry seems to be encouraging most people in their walk with God. There also were some areas of concern. I will be sharing about these areas of affirmation and concern on Sunday. Hearing God’s Voice Class will start Thursday, April 12th! This class is one of the best courses on how to hear the voice of God. So many believers say that they have difficulty hearing God’s voice because of all the other distractions and inner “noise” that we daily encounter in our lives. If you want to learn how to “wait on the Lord” with excitement.. If you want to clearly hear God speaking to you personally – THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU! This class personally changed my life because it is not just learning ABOUT how to hear God, but it is actually practicing hearing and seeing in the Spirit. It is also the first class that was not “spooky” or difficult! Sign-up for the class begin today! Sign-up using the sign-up sheet in the entryway. I am pleased to announce that Pastor Kenton has asked me to accompany him on a ministry equipping trip to the Philippines, April 16 – May 1st! Pastor Kenton and I will be dong ministry equipping training for dozens of Filipino pastors and leaders in two cities in the Philippines. Please be praying for us! I will be sharing more about this on Sunday! We STILL need AV person! If any person, particularly youth ages 16 and older are interested, please see Pastor Jon. AV ministry responsibilities will be shared so that you will not have to be involved EVERY Sunday! See you Sunday! Pastor Jon Quesenberry P.S. Don’t let me forget to announce this Sunday that there is a fellowship meal NEXT SUNDAY, March 18th! P.S. My cell phone number is STILL 434-465-8379. I am hoping to get my cell phone back soon..