No Sunday Service, Sunday March 4th + Church members update

DUE TO HIGH WINDS AND DOWNED POWER LINES OUR SUNDAY MORNING SERVICE AT RESTORATION CORNERSTONE WILL BE CANCELLED THIS MORNING! There is no electric power or heat in the church building! Please notify your contacts about this cancellation especially those who are still without electric power! Some important church family information: 1. Cathe Myer’s mother, Patricia Carroll was hospitalized this week. Pat experienced a stroke on Thursday this week. She has stabilized and is recovering well at UVA Hospital. Please continue to pray for her ongoing recovery! 2. Bob & Jean Schillinger had a large tree fall on their home. Everyone is ok, their power is back on and the tree has been removed. However, the tree did some damage to the upper floor. Please pray for them during this time as they are having someone come to assess the damage and make repairs to their home. 3. Bob French is in need of your prayers. Bob fell at home and injured his side. He is ok, but the x-ray showed two cracked ribs. Bob is at home recovering but has ongoing pain. Please pray for a speedy recovery. 4. Several members are without electric power. Dan & Anna Burt, Jeff and Adrianna Haynes and Russ and Cathe Myers. Please be praying for them and offer assistance if possible as electric power is being restored to their homes.

5. I also just found out that Norma Dyas has been ill. Please pray for her! She has a Doctor’s appointment tomorrow to help discover what is going on! IF THERE ARE OTHERS WHO ARE WITHOUT POWER OR HAVE OTHER NEEDS, PLEASE CALL PASTOR JON AT 434-465-8370. Please note that this is a NEW temporary number for Pastor Jon!