Partnering with God

This Sunday we will worship God. What an awesome opportunity! It is a transforming proposition: The promise of God is that as we draw close to Him, He will draw close to us. What an amazing promise! Intimacy with our Creator and Lover of our soul! In this intimate communion of worship we abide (remain) in God. The promise of God is that as we abide in Him we produce much fruit. The fruit of the Spirit is not obtained by work but by intimate communion with God!

This Sunday after encountering God in worship our Focus on the Word time will be about: Partnering with God. In the Bible God continually invites His people to partner with Him to reveal His glory and extend His kingdom on the earth! Jesus said: “Truly I tell you, what ever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Matt 18:18. Wow! What does it mean to “bind” and “loose” on the earth? Jesus also told his disciples; “You may ask for anything – in my name – and I will do it!” John 14:14. When we read these scriptures we become aware of God’s invitation: Jesus is inviting us to partner with Heaven to see God move on the earth? This is what we are going to explore on Sunday!

The results of the Feedback form are in! I want to thank everyone who handed in a feedback form last week. (We will continue to collect them today.) This was such a helpful communication tool. What we discovered is that most everyone seems to be excited about the Presence- based community vision and direction so far. Small groups were overwhelmingly affirmed. The format for our Sunday Celebration with our worship, waiting, focus on the Word time and mutual ministry seems to be encouraging most people in their walk with God. There was some feedback about the time of waiting and the group ministry time. These two aspects of our worship service are new and it seems that some folks have some questions about how best to participate in these portions of our service.

In response to the feedback we want to provide equipping opportunities. After Easter we will be launching a new class called: Hearing God’s Voice (by Mark Virkler.) This class is one of the best courses on how to hear the voice of God among all the other input and inner “noise” that we encounter in our lives. It is a class on learning how to wait on God and better interact with God personally. More about this on Sunday!

We also will be shifting slightly the focus our Group ministry time at the end of the service to make it more meaningful. We are going to place an emphasis on mutual ministry (praying for one another) and/or participating in group encounter with God, such as communion, etc.. We also decided to have communion once a month.

Please complete your Motivational Gifts Assessment that was handed out last week and bring them with you this Sunday! We will be using the results of this tool to help you discover your unique gifting and what motivates you spiritually. Our goal is to discover how God has created you to operate in partnership with Him!

We are still in need of an AV ministry person! If you like the technical aspects of audio visual ministry and if you discern that God is calling you to serve the body of Christ in this way: Please see Pastor Jon. AV ministry responsibilities will be shared so that you will not have to be involved EVERY Sunday!

See you Sunday!
Pastor Jon Quesenberry