Revealing His Glory

We will be having a fellowship meal this Sunday after the service! I hope that everyone will be able to stay and enjoy a meal together this week. Please bring a dish of food (or two) to share with others! I know that we did not announce this last Sunday! Hopefully most everyone will receive this email in time to make plans to stay. Two announcements: 1. Everyone is invited to the 24 Hour City-wide Burn (Prayer and Worship) service that starts tonight (Friday) at 7pm in Charlottesville at Connect Chruch (2080 Lambs Road.) The Charlottesville House of Prayer is hosting this event. There will be 12 worship teams from all over Virginia leading worship every 2 hours and 12 prayer leaders leading prayer every other hour during this event. For more information about this event click here. 2. Please return your completed New Testament Series Feedback forms that we handed out last Sunday! Additional forms will be available for those who need them. The feedback on this form is extremely helpful to leadership in determining future direction. Once again we will be gathering this coming Sunday to encounter God in worship and wait on Him. Then we will open and explore the written Word of God together. The focus of our Sunday Celebration service is not primarily about the learning about God. We are gathering with other believers to worship and and encounter God. This Sunday we will be focusing on the biblical plan for believers: Revealing the Glory of God. The deepest desire of God is to be known on the earth. His plan is that the fullness of His nature and character be known to everyone. The Bible says that, “The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.” (Habakkuk 2:14) God has designed the body of Christ, to be the means of His glorious revelation on the earth. God’s desire is to use his set apart people to reveal His divinity – His unfailing love, compassion and power! How does God reveal His fullness (His glory) on the earth through people! This is what we want to explore on Sunday! We are still in need of an AV ministry person! If you like the technical aspects of audio visual ministry and if you discern that God is calling you to serve the body of Christ in this way: Please see Pastor Jon. AV ministry responsibilities will be shared so that you will not have to be involved EVERY Sunday! See you Sunday! Pastor Jon Quesenberry