The Priesthood of Believers

Dear Church Family and Friends, Grace and peace in the name of Jesus! This past Sunday we had a slim crowd! The snow and ice prevented many from coming to our Sunday Celebration Service. The streets were becoming slippery just about time that members were getting ready to travel on the roads. We did meet, however to worship, wait on the the Lord and focus on the Word regarding “Walking in the Spirit.” I hope that everyone who was not able to come can get a copy of this important message in the series! We made a number of CD’s of the message for anyone who would like to catch up on the sessions! Please see Matt or James in the sound booth to get your CD of the message from last Sunday! This coming Sunday we will once again come together to encounter God in worship and waiting on Him. It is our aim to minister to God by heartfelt worship; waiting on the Lord and responding to His still small voice in prayer. We also will plan to give our focus to the Living Word of God as we open and explore the written Word of God together. Important: Please bring your notebooks or journals this coming Sunday for our group ministry time. You will need your notebook this Sunday. We will be doing group ministry time that includes writing. I am very excited about this coming Sunday. The focus of the series of messages will now shift in emphasis from “receiving” from the Lord to a focus on “partnering” with Him. The normal christian life is not one of receiving only but it is one of partnership! God is not only interested in caring for us, he is hopeful and expectant for our ministry to (caring for) Him! In the book of Revelation (5:9-10) we read a surprising announcement by the angels in heaven about Jesus: “..You purchased for God persons from every tribe, tongue, nation and people and you made them for God to be a kingdom of priests.. and they will reign on the earth.” The surprising part of this verse is that the original language clearly indicates that the reason that we were purchased by the blood of Jesus was for ministry to God and for reigning with God on the earth. This is the priesthood ministry! OK, you may say, “How does a person/people minister (care for) God?” More on Sunday! We are in need of an AV ministry person! If you like the technical aspects of audio and visual ministry and if you discern that God is calling you serve the body of Christ in this way: Please see Pastor Jon. AV ministry responsibilities will be shared so that you will not have to be involved EVERY Sunday! Pastor Jon and Carol will be away this week starting Monday morning (Feb 12th) through Saturday morning (Feb 17th.) Carol and I will be traveling to south to for a time of mutual ministry and networking with other RNI network pastors and leaders. Please be in prayer for us!! This is always such a precious time for Carol and I. Pray that we will be encouraged and refreshed! Please contact Bob French (434-987-9364) regarding ministry or Arlin Martin (434-531-5968) regarding the building. See you Sunday! Pastor Jon Quesenberry