Life in the Spirit!

Dear Church Family and Friends, I am glad that so many could stay and participate in our fellowship meal and family meeting last Sunday! Some folks had to leave early, so I want to recap some of the main points from the meeting for everyone. At the Church Family meeting we opened up with a time for sharing. A few people shared about how they were feeling about the new direction that we are heading as a church. The few that did share seemed positive about the direction that God is taking us. After the sharing, I was able to share some discernments about what I see for the days ahead… I believe that we are on the road to becoming a presence-based community. A presence-based community is a community of believers that gives central place to the presence of God. At the meeting, I shared about some of the infrastructure that will be important to get in place as we make this transition. During the month of February we will be working on getting our website updated and our Facebook page re-ignited. We also will need a church computer and we plan to evaluate the feasibility of getting our red church van prepared for community ministry. I also shared that in the days to come we will be engaged in a gifts and calling discernment process. A presence-based community is a community of participants. Our goal is to empower each member of the body of Christ to operate according the the gifts and calling of God! This does not mean that the leadership of the church will give you a job to do. God is the one who does the calling! It is the Lord enables us to serve and minister according to His divine ability! At the meeting, I mentioned that this transition may present some challenges. As Americans, we tend to view ourselves as consumers. Sometimes our focus can be on receiving ministry instead of participating in it. I suggested at the meeting that everyone should consider preparing to set aside 2-4 hours per week for ministry (serving God or others) in their schedule! For some, this suggestion may seem out of place or even wrong. This is because program based structures only allow pastors or church leaders to engage in “ministry.” What we discover, however, as we read the Bible is that ALL members of a presence-based (New Testament) church are ministers! God intends to empower EACH ONE of us to participate in ministry to others around us. This Sunday we will be focusing on Walking in the Spirit. The Bible tells us that “If we live by the Holy Spirit’s power. Then we will not do what our sinful nature wants us to do” (Gal. 5:16 NIrV) God has provided a powerful way for us to live a holy life. This Life in the Spirit (living in communion with the presence of God) enables us to become disinterested in sin.. Would you like to know more? See you on Sunday! Please remember to bring your bible, a notebook and a pen this Sunday! A notebook will be important for participating in the group ministry sessions each week! Most Sundays, there will be a time for written response as we corporately worship and encounter God. Blessings, Pastor Jon Quesenberry