Abiding in Him.. to bear much fruit!

Dear Church Family and Friends, This coming Sunday we are going to have our fellowship meal and church family (congregational) meeting following the Sunday Celebration! Please bring a food item (or two) to share with others! Our church family meeting will begin around 12:30 or 12:45. At this meeting we plan to share discernment and plans for the weeks and months ahead! We want to share together and receive discernment from all present. As we prayerfully serve the Lord together we are excited to see how He is leading us. Our goal in meeting together is to walk in His purposes and plans as we participate as members of the body of Christ. During the Sunday Celebration we plan to worship God and then wait on Him corporately. Waiting on God is what Jesus called “abiding.” Following this period of worship and waiting we are going to focus on the Biblical pattern of Jesus and the early believers and learn what made their lives and ministry so fruitful. God is setting apart a people who will abide in Him to produce much fruit. In the past, I thought that God was looking for a people who were hard at work serving him. It makes sense that working for God would be spiritually fruitful. Being obedient to God IS essential, but according to the scripture “fruitfulness” in the kingdom is not a matter of working harder. Fruitfulness according to the example and teachings of Jesus comes in abiding; “If you abide in me… you will bear much fruit..” (John 15:5) So what does “abiding” mean exactly? We will look at this in depth Sunday! Last Sunday during our Focus on the Word time we discovered that the gateway for life in the Spirit is Yieldedness to God. To give opportunity for this ministry, the altar will be available whenever the building is open for anyone to come, kneel down and humbly meet with God. The altar also will be a place of ministry. Ministry team members will be available to pray and minister to those who come. (Just as a matter of logistics; if you are standing at the altar, rather than kneeling, we will know that you desire prayer ministry.) In the weeks to come, we will be making training available for ministry team members. Stay tuned for more information about this equipping information. We are looking for someone who is willing to serve in our audio visual ministry. Matt Anderson has asked to step back from serving in this capacity for now. Thanks Matt for your faithful service to the body of Christ! Those interested in serving in this capacity please see me (Jon Quesenberry) at your first opportunity. (You may also reply to this email!) Please remember to bring your bible, a notebook and a pen this Sunday! A notebook will be important for participating in the group ministry sessions each week! Most Sundays, there will be a time for written response as we corporately worship and encounter God. Blessings, Pastor Jon Quesenberry