Pastor’s Heart (Dec 27)

Announcements: Week of fasting in January will begin on January 8 followed with our regular Friday evening prayer service on January 12, 7:00 pm. Pastor John will assume the leadership of the congregation on January 1. The official installation will take place later in the month to be announced.   From the Pastor’s Heart, A big thank you to everyone who helped with the Christmas Eve service last weekend: Pastor John for leading the music; Danielle, Madison, Cathy, Janet, Henry, Arlin, and Russ for reading and/or reciting the various Scriptures; Madison and Naomi for helping with the candle lighting; Patti, Joann and all those who helped with the decorating; Joann for providing and setting up the candelabras; Matt for running sound; and everyone else that helped in one way or another. I think Henry deserves extra credit for sharing the story of the wise men from memory without any cue cards or back up plan. Good job. Actually, everyone did great. Again, thank you for helping to make our Christmas celebration special.  Not to discount the old faces but it was encouraging to see so many new faces. This coming Sunday will be my last as the interim pastor and I guess this will be my last email post. We have enjoyed serving the congregation for the last six months. At this point we don’t have any more interim assignments lined up. This may actually be our last one. Even though we find a sense of fulfillment in serving this way, we kind of look forward to being retired again.  But who knows what the future holds. However, knowing who holds the future, as long as we have strength, health, energy, and presence of mind, we continue to stay open to His leading. The presence of mind part may be a little questionable at times, but we are thankful for what we have. God is good. Thank you for sharing your lives with us. You have helped us in our continuing journey of learning and growing in faith. For that we are grateful. I’m excited about what is ahead for the congregation. I think good things are in store. I encourage you to love, support and give Pastor John the freedom to lead. Don’t try to control what happens. Things may not feel or look the same as they have in the past, but hopefully that will be okay. God will bless your willingness to adjust to, flow with, and stay open to the new thing He wants to do. Above all, love God and one another, be at peace, and maintain the unity, for that is where the favor and blessing of God rests. Bless you Pastor Gerald