Pastor’s Heart (Dec 20)

From the Pastor’s Heart,


Only five more days until Christmas. Sunday will be a special time for our church family. Pastor Jon will be with us to lead worship in both the morning and evening services. The morning service will be pretty much like usual. I plan to share the last of the four advent messages focusing on the second coming of Christ to establish His Kingdom. We will consider the new heaven and the new earth that hopefully we are all looking forward to.

Our evening service will focus more on the first advent as we listen to the reading of the Christmas story from the Scripture, respond by singing Christmas carols, share the Lord’s supper, and light candles. The theme for the evening will be “O Come and Let Us Worship Christ the Lord.” I know some will be away and unable to attend but for those who are able, I encourage you to join us on this Christmas Eve at 8:00 pm to help set the spiritual tone for your celebration of Christmas. After all, Jesus is the reason for the season. It is a blessing to again have a president that actually acknowledges that publicly. Setting aside political correctness and putting Christ back into Christmas is a good thing.

I posted an announcement about our Christmas Eve service on Facebook. I encourage you to share that post with all your friends. Free feel to add your own comments of invitation. It is time to start letting people know that something new is beginning to happen at Restoration Cornerstone Church in Crozet, Virginia. As Pastor Jon and Carol take on the leadership in re-launching the congregation invite your family and friends to join the new core group the first Sunday in January. It will be a new congregation for a new year.

Thank you for the cake, cards and expressions of thanks at the fellowship meal last Sunday in recognition of Sophia and me filling in as your interim pastor couple for the last six months. We are very appreciative. It has been an honor for us to be invited to serve the congregation. Your love and support has been an encouragement and blessing to us. Thank you for welcoming us into the congregation and making us feel at home. I’m humbled by what has happened. Only by God’s grace can we say that the congregation seems to be at a much better place today than it was six months ago. I sense a measure of peace, unity, and hope has been restored to the congregation for which I am very thankful. To God be the glory.

Wherever you plan to be this coming weekend, I trust your Christmas celebration will be blessed. Merry Christmas.

Pastor Gerald