Pastor’s Heart (Dec 6)

Announcements: Prayer Service, Friday, December 8, 7:00 pm at the church Fellowship Meal, Sunday, December 17 at the church after the morning worship celebration Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, Sunday, December 24, 8:00 pm at the church Want to find financial and stewardship help easily? Everence Financial has a new mobile-friendly website with updated education, stories, and access to personalized advice. Check it out at Keep our church in mind as you make year end contributions this month. All tithes and offerings can be placed in the offering boxes on the wall as you enter the auditorium. Use an envelope for special or designated offerings. Drop them in one of the offering boxes.   From the Pastor’s Heart, A big thank you to all those who helped decorate the church for Christmas. It looks great. Thanks to Patti and Joann for taking the lead. Last Sunday Pastor Jon shared a great message for our first Sunday in Avent. The incarnation (God becoming human) is a powerful demonstration of the gateway principle (repentance, confession, baptism) he shared with us. Entrance into the Kingdom of God requires humility. Jesus said unless we become as little children we cannot enter. As Jesus humbled himself and gave up his own rights in order to come to earth and fulfill His purpose we too must humble ourselves and give up our own rights in order to enter the Kingdom and fulfill our purpose in Christ.We must become little in our own eyes before we can become great in God’s eyes. We must be born again. We must deny ourself and take up our cross and follow Him. We must die with Christ before we can live with Him. Have you ever thought about when Jesus actually came to earth? Was it at the point of His birth or the point of His conception? If human life begins at conception which we now know it does, the actual incarnation would have happened nine months before His birth. We know that the birth of Jesus was more likely to have taken place in early fall than early winter. So why was early winter chosen as the day to celebrate His birth? Could it be that God divinely directed the choosing of early winter in recognition of the conception followed by the birth nine months later in early fall. Afterall, we most always include the Scriptures that have to do with the announcement and conception of Christ in our celebration of Christmas. It is all part of the incarnation story that we celebrate on December 25. Thank you Pastor Jon for sharing this insight. Happy Christmas preparations everyone. Bless you, Pastor Gerald