Pastor’s Heart (Nov 15)

From the Pastor’s Heart, This week we concluded our emotionally healthy small group experience. While we may not know all that was accomplished I believe we experienced what God had in mind for our congregation. Not everyone participated at the same level but overall I think I can say that it was a helpful process. I sense we as a congregation are at a better place than we were when we started eight weeks ago. Who would have thought then that the congregation would be able to unanimously affirm the recommended pastoral leadership as we did at our last congregational meeting. It was one of those times when I think we could say it seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us. So, with that decision made and the emotionally healthy study completed we are ready to turn our attention to the future. This coming Sunday, November 19, we plan to celebrate this ending and new beginning. Pastor Jon will be with us to lead the worship in the morning celebration. I have invited participants in the emotionally healthy small groups to share their testimonies during the sermon time. So, depending on how many and how long they share, that time may be shorter or longer than usual. after the service we are planning for a fellowship meal followed by a brief congregational meeting. I want to talk a little about how we may celebrate the Christmas season and Pastor Jon will share whatever he may have on his heart as we look forward to him and Carol joining us around the first of the year as our pastoral couple. During this Thanksgiving season we have much to be thankful for. The past year has been challenging for the congregation but God has been faithful and we thank him for providing what was needed. On behalf of the congregation I want to thank Matt for his leadership along with Arlin, Bob, Ted, and Marie who served as a transition team for six months in the absence of a designated pastor. I want to thank all those who helped keep the church going, Kaj and the worship team for leading worship, Marie for leading the prayer ministry, and everyone who prayed and served in so many ways. And, I want to thank the congregation for welcoming me and Sophia as I have served as the interim pastor and plan to serve until the end of the year. I am thankful to God for all of you. As we look back, I hope we can all say from our hearts that through it all we have learned to trust in Jesus, we have learned to trust in God, we have learned to depend on God’s Word. Praise be to God. Let’s make Sunday a day of praise and thanksgiving. Bless you Pastor Gerald