Pastor’s Heart (Oct 11)

Announcement Congregational meeting, Wednesday, October 25, with Pastor Kenton From the Pastor’s Heart, Today I’m writing from Newport, Rhode Island, where Sophia and I are taking a little time off to delight in the world God created. We re staying at a resort right on the harbor in the historic district. It’s good having some down time to just be together. But our thoughts are not far from our church family at Crozet. Hope your week is going well. Sunday, our congregation was  surprised to learn that Ted and Sandy have decided to attend and serve in a church in Charlottesville. They shared with us that this is something God is leading them to do. Most of you probably received an email from them earlier this week with more details about their sence of call. While it may be hard for the congregation to see them leave RCC we do want to respect and honor their decision. This Sunday will be their last official time with us, so we want to take time to release them, pray over them, thank them, and send them out with our blessing. They are to be commended for the way they are processing this with the congregation in allowing for a healthy closure before moving into a new season of ministry at another place. We wish them God’s blessing. Sunday we will continue our emotionally healthy study. We are ready for chapter 4 in our study book, “Quit Denying Anger, Sadness, and Fear.” These are three common feelings we all experience from time to time.  But we don’t always respond to these feelings in a healthy way. Even as Christians, we may explode, we may clam up, we may simply deny having them. In this lesson we will hopefully learn there is a healthier way to respond. In preparation, please read chapter 4 in the book and work through the questions in the workbook. This lesson marks the mid point in our study. Thank you for participating. I hope you are finding it helpful. Bless you Pastor Gerald