Pastor’s Heart (Sept 27)


No Ministry Team meeting this Sunday due to Emotionally Healthy course.

Sunday, October 1, is World Communion Sunday. We will be joining Christians around the world is observing the Lords Supper.

From the Pastor’s Heart,

Last Sunday we launched our Emotionally Healthy course. I hope you were as encouraged as I was. For the next eight weeks we will be looking at eight  things we need to quit in order to improve our spiritual health and grow up in Christ. As I tried to point out Sunday this course will help us to make practical application of the message of Ephesians we have been looking at over the last three months. Study for the sake of study does little good if we don’t apply it to the way we live. Application may mean changing the way we behave and change is often the hard part. But it is necessary if we want to grow up in Christ. Again, I want to welcome you to this journey of growing up. I heard someone say, they needed this teaching 50 years ago. But, praise God, it is never too late to change. Read the first two chapters in the book in preparation for next weeks session. The first chapter was “Quit Being Afraid of What Others Think.” Chapter 2 that we will consider this coming week is “Quit Lying.”

Also, last Sunday, I announced a congregational meeting for Wednesday evening, October 25 to consider what happens after my interim assignment is over. Sophia and I have enjoyed our time with you over the last three months and it’s been an honor to serve as the interim pastor. But it’s time now to start looking to the future and planning for what comes next. Hopefully, by the end of the year more permanet leadership will be in place as we finish out our projected 3-6 month interim. Like I mentioned last week, three months ago the congregation seemed to lack a clear sense of direction but that the fog seems to lifting. After three months of listening, observing, and interacting with the congregation, I don’t claim to have the answer but I do sense the Lord has given me some insight that may be helpful. However, before I share that I want to outline the process leading up to the congregational meeting on the 25th.

In making a decision about pastoral leadership it’s important to know that we are part of the Restoration Network of Cornerstone churches. The network is lead by an Apostolic Council under the leadership of Pastor Kenton. The Apostolic Council holds the ordination credentials of the pastors in the network and in counsel with the local congregational elders is responsible for the appointment, installation, and even removal of a lead pastor. Normally, the Apostolic Council in counsel with the congregation would also be involved in the appointment of elders or leadership teams in the local church. Being that our numbers are small and not having designated elders nor a leadership team, Pastor Kenton and the Apostolic Council will work more directly with the whole congregation. So, Pastor Kenton, representing the Apostolic Council, will be present and will lead the congregational meeting on the the 25th.

Also, important for us to know is that the Apostolic Council will be meeting prior to our congregational meeting on October 12. One of the agenda items will be discerning future direction for Restoration Cornerstone. While I won’t be part of that meeting I do plan to share with Pastor Kenton what I will be sharing with you. I encourage you to do the same. If you have a personal perspective, insight, sense of direction , question, or  opinion, write it out in an email and send it to Pastor Kenton between now and October 12. But in stating what you think or feel please include why you think or feel the way you do. To simply be for or against something is not all that helpful without also including the reason for your thinking. Pastor Kenton’s email address is: I also welcome any questions for clarification you may have for me. My email address is:

Since what I have to share will be specifically for those who are presently attending the congregation, I will do that in a separate email you should receive in a day or two. I will also make paper copies available on Sunday for those who don’t do email.

Bless you

Pastor Gerald