Pastor’s Heart (Sept 20)


Faith Promise Missions offering this Sunday, September 24.

No ministry Team meeting in October and November due to our small group study.

Small groups will be meeting on Sundays after the worship celebration and on Tuesdays at 7:00pm here at the church for the next 8 weeks.


From the Pastor’s Heart,

I’m happy to announce that we have 25 people registered to participate in our Emotionally Healthy study. This represents about 80% of the congregation. The title of this eight week course is “I Quit” by Geri and Peter Scazzero. We will be looking at eight things we need to quit in order to improve our emotional health beginning this coming Sunday with the first one, “Quit Being Afraid of What Others Think.” I’m excited about what I see God doing among us over these next eight weeks. Like I mentioned Sunday, the way it has all come together has exceeded my expectations. Actually, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Three months ago the congregation seemed to be divided without a clear sense of direction. A number of options were being talked about but in listening it soon became clear there was no unifying vision for the future. I must admit that early on I wasn’t sure the congregation even had a future. But I believed that whatever was to happen would in time become clear. From my perspective, by God’s grace, the fog is lifting and things are indeed becoming clear. I’m amazed.

In light of the positive response and the willingness of so many of you to participate in the study we are about to begin, I can say I am tremendously encouraged. While you may have had some reservations about the study and the forming of small groups, your willingness to participate sends a strong message about your heart for the congregation. Thank you for having a willing heart. I believe God sees that and will bless you accordingly. Now, we will see what He will do among us. We may not know what the future holds but we do know who holds the future. Therefore, we can face the future with confidence and at the same time rest in His peace. I’m looking forward to these times together.

This coming Sunday is also Faith Promise Sunday. As announced we will be receiving our annual Faith Promise Offering. So what is Faith Promise?  The Faith Promise Plan is a method of missionary giving by individuals and families through the ministry of the local church. A “Faith Promise” is promised by the giver. The plan is to contribute a certain amount, either weekly, or monthly, to the missionary fund of the local church, over and above the usual tithe or other offerings. The Faith Promise Plan is a “promise by faith,” that I, personally, will trust the Lord that I can give a certain amount to my church for the work of missions around the world over the next twelve months. Faith Promise cards will be available Sunday for you to fill out and turn in. The total when added together will become our missions giving goal for the coming year. Please pray and ask God to show you the amount he would have you believe Him for. That is the faith part. The promise part is to then give it when God makes it available to you. In the meantime we watch and pray and look for it. I look forward to seeing you Sunday.

Bless you

Pastor Gerald