Pastor’s Heart (Sept 13)

Announcements: Open House (Cuba) Friday evening, 6:30 pm at the Anderson home. Fellowship Meal here at the church next Sunday, September 17. Faith Promise Offering, Sunday, September 24. Emotionally Healthy sermon series and small group interaction begins Sunday, September 24. Please sign up for a small group.   From the Pastor’s Heart, I begin with a reminder. On Monday I sent out a request for everyone to sign up for one of the upcoming 8-week emotionally healthy small groups. As of today about half of the congregation is registered. Thank you. I appreciate your prompt response. If you missed that email or haven’t yet signed up please do so as soon as possible. I would like to order the materials yet this week if possible. So, if you would take a minute to respond to the email I sent Monday it would be greatly appreciated. I hope that is not asking too much. My email address is All we need is the group you plan to attend and your name. Options are Sunday noon led by myself and Sophia here at the church, Tuesday 7:00pm lead by Bob and Sharon here at the church, and Friday 7:00pm lead by Russ and Cathe at their home (Gate of Heaven Inn).  Thank you in advance. Remember, our goal is 100% participation of those who consider RCC as their church. Like I mentioned before, I sense this is an important part of the process in discerning the future direction of the church. While the content is important the small group interaction may actually be more important. Being that one of the small groups will be meeting on Sunday after the service we will suspend our regularly scheduled ministry team meeting for October and November and our fellowship meal for October. We request and encourage those who are part of existing cell groups to join one of the above groups for this eight week focus. Being that September is missions month, last Sunday I shared part one of a two part series on giving. The focus last Sunday was on giving in relation to Biblical tithes and offerings. This coming Sunday the focus will be on giving in relation to missions. While the giving of the tithe (10%) is to the ministry of the local church and community, the giving of offerings (above and beyond the tithe) is to missions, buildings, and ministries beyond the ministry of the local church. While many churches simply have a unified budget out of which all funds are disbursed, Cornerstone adopted what we believe is a more Biblical pattern where the tithe is given to a general fund that is used for the ministry of the local church and community, designated offerings are given to a building fund for the building or purchase of a meeting place, and faith promise offerings are given to a missions fund for supporting missions and missionaries beyond the local church. Of course personal giving of offerings also include giving directly to various ministries (Ywam, Youth for Christ, Radio and TV Ministries. Evangelistic Crusades, Disaster Relief, and etc) without going through the church. The thing to keep in mind is that the tithe is a set amount (10%) given for the support of the local church and community. Offerings are given to designated projects above and beyond the tithe as the Lord moves people in their heart to give (no set amount). As announced on Sunday, we will receive our faith promise offering on Sunday, September 24. Faith Promise cards are available. If you are not planning to be present on that Sunday please turn in your card ahead of time so it can be included in the congregational total.  Thank you. Bless you Pastor Gerald