Pastor’s Heart (Aug 23rd)

From the Pastor’s Heart,

Good afternoon. I’m thankful for this opportunity to again share with you. Just to remind you that if you ever want to respond back I welcome your feedback. Also, this week a couple of announcements are included below.

I hope you are catching a vision for the “Emotionally Healthy” course we are offering this fall. When I first started sensing from the Lord about doing this course I wasn’t quite sure how it would all come together. But I was encouraged by the affirmation at the ministry team meeting and the suggestions that were made. Since then it is becoming more clear.

One suggestion was to offer the course following the Sunday morning celebration. At first I wasn’t sure how that would work but in thinking more about it I can see how that could be a good option.  The goal is to arrange the schedule so as many as possible can participate. Someone has offered to lead a group on Friday evening. I would like to talk to anyone else that would be interested in leading a group at other times during the week. They don’t have to be large groups. As few as three to five persons would be a viable group. Let me know if you would like to be considered.

I would like to have the leaders, locations, and times of the groups in place by the first of September. This coming Sunday I plan to give you an opportunity to indicate your preferences. While no one will be forced to participate my hope is that everyone will. At least everyone who is really concerned about the health and future of the congregation. I sense in my spirit that this is an important step in the discernment process. I don’t know that for sure but for whatever reason I sense that is what the Lord is saying. For me it is a step of faith and I invite you to join me in taking that step.

On another note, at the ministry team meeting we affirmed the idea of changing the way we receive the offerings on Sunday mornings. Recognizing that there are various ways that people give to the church, by mail, on-line bank payments, weekly, monthly and etc. instead of passing the offering baskets every Sunday we will place offering boxes near the entrance and people can place their tithes and offerings in the box as they come in or as they leave. We haven’t implemented it yet but wanted to make you aware of the coming change probably sometime in September.

Bless you

Pastor Gerald

Love Gift Offering is being received for Henry Wyant last Sunday and this coming Sunday to help with recent medical expenses. The amount last Sunday was $65. The goal is $400 that will then be matched for a total of $800 to meet the need.

Ministry Team meeting is scheduled for Sunday, September 3. We probably won’t do this every time but instead of bringing your own lunch the church will provide pizza for everyone this time. Again, this is not a closed meeting. You are welcome to attend and participate.