Pastor’s Heart (Aug 9th)

From the Pastor’s Heart,

After a few weeks of taking a break we are returning to our series of messages from the book of Ephesians. In chapter four it clearly states we are all given a gift of grace to be used in the body and we are to grow up by speaking truth to one another in love. While our spirit is made perfect the moment we accept Christ and we are totally forgiven and made right with God, that reality needs to be worked out at the level of our body and soul through the process of transformation by the renewing of our minds.

While the change in our spirit happens as a result of a personal individual response to God’s grace, the change in our body and soul happens as a result of a life lived in community with God and other saints in what the scripture calls the household of God. Growing up is not something we do in isolation but in fellowship with fellow saints.¬†While we represent one Body in Christ we are all different parts of that body according to the gift of Grace given to us.

So the focus last Sunday was on the different gifting and the way those differences and a culture of “speaking truth in love” helps us to grow up into both emotional and spiritual maturity. If you missed this message I encourage you to get a copy and listen to it. It will give you a basic understanding of how we are to relate to one another and how it affects decision making as we move forward as a congregation.

In the ministry team meeting after the service on Sunday we had an open discussion that I believe was quite healthy. We actually had 15 out of the 25 persons attending the service to stay and take part in the meeting. In a separate email I will outline the things we discussed and decision that were made for a special study course this fall on emotional healthy spirituality.

My thought was to do it as a class for the whole congregation meeting once a week here at the church. But in the course of our discussion it became clear that a better way would be to offer it in small groups that would meet at different times and locations during the week giving more options and making it possible for more participation. Look for more details about this in a special separate email report.

Bless you

Pastor Gerald