Pastor’s Heart (Aug 3rd)

From the Pastor’s Heart, Last Sunday was a fun day. While the church was not packed it was great to see it well filled as the Life Journey Church met with us in a combined worship celebration. The combined worship team lead by Pastor Jon Quesenberry was a great blessing. The message by Pastor Walt Davis was a great presentation of the good news of the gospel. Through the blood of Jesus our sins, past, present and future, have been forgiven and removed from us as far as the east is from the west. In that we have been declared holy. Does that mean we no longer sin? No, but what it does mean is our sin is forgiven and based on that we have available to us the grace of God to live in victory and to grow up in Christ. While it is important that we know that in Christ our spirit has been made holy it is also important that we know our soul still needs to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. We are saved and our eternal destiny is sealed in a moment of time but growing up in Christ is an exciting journey that takes place over a period of time. By God’s grace we are saved and by God’s grace we grow up. Physically, we are not born fully developed and grown up. Likewise, spiritually, we are not born again fully developed and grown up. As we continue our study in Ephesians this will become more apparent as we consider the practical outworking of out faith. This coming Sunday I plan to wrap up chapter four. Just a reminder that our ministry team meets this Sunday after the service. This is not a closed meeting and is not limited to only those who have recognized roles. If you desire to attend you are welcome to bring your own packed lunch and join us in the fellowship hall. Last week I mentioned some of the things we want to start talking about as we look forward to our fall schedule and what may be helpful in discerning next steps. Tomorrow evening, August 4, 7:00pm, is our regular first Friday prayer meeting lead be Marie. Sophia and I will be returning from our visit to Charleston, SC and may not get back in time but will pray in route. Bless you, Pastor Gerald