Pastor’s Heart (July 19th)

From the Pastors Heart, Today I’m writing from the Wooded Glen Retreat Center close to Henryville, Indiana. Sophia and I were invited to meet with the Heartlink pastors in training for their annual retreat. There are 25 enrolled in the training of which 23 along with their spouses plan to be at the retreat. Pastors Greg and Sherri Mayo and Marty and Mary Smyser will be leading the retreat. It is an honor for us to be included. I guess it’s kind of like taking grandma and grandpa along. On the way here we made a stop at the Ark Encounter near Williamstown, Kentucky. That was quite an experience. The main attraction is a full scale replica of Noah’s Ark. inside the ark are three levels where all the animals and people were housed and the needed food, water and supplies were stored. There were a lot of exhibits explaining how the ark was able to hold all the animals and how they could have been fed and cared for during the flood. It makes a strong case for the reality of the biblical account of the flood and presents convincing evidence for a young earth rather than an earth that is billions of years old like evolutionists would have us believe. At this point Sophia and I are not planning to be at church this Sunday, July 23. I have asked Russ Myers to preach and Matt Anderson to moderate the service. Kai will be here to lead the worship team. So, I think the bases are all covered. We had a good time last Sunday at the park. There was a good turnout. I counted 32 which is about what we usually have on a Sunday morning. It was a beautiful day in a beautiful setting with wonderful people and of course great food. We will miss seeing you Sunday but look forward to seeing you at the special service with the Life Journey Church the following week on July 30. Bless you, Pastor Gerald