Pastor’s Heart (July 12th)

From the Pastor’s Heart, I hope your week is going well. Henry Wyant who was hospitalized last week seems to be doing better. He is not in pain but they are still trying to get this heart beat down. Sophia and I had a couple of days at the mountain. Later on this week we plan to celebrate our 56th wedding anniversary. Short trip not too far away. Be back Saturday, Lord willing. We are enjoying visiting the families in the church. We are learning a lot. Due to the picnic this coming Sunday we are not scheduling any visits this week end. If you haven’t already done so, take a look at the email Matt sent out about the picnic. We look forward to seeing everyone at Mint springs on Sunday. Worship service will be a little different. I think you will enjoy it. On Sunday, July 30 the Life Journey congregation that meets in Crozet will be joining us for the morning worship service. Their pastor, Walt Davis will be preaching. I will lead the service and Jon Quesenberry will lead the music. On Saturday, July 29 we are planning a church clean up day. We want to make ready for our guests. Last Sunday I shared our Cornerstone vision for the Sunday morning worship celebration. I hope it was helpful. Churches within our networks may not always do it exactly the way I described but I wanted to share the vision and explain the reason why. Attached you will find a story i wrote some years ago describing the worship celebration. While the description of the service is true the characters are fictional. This is the second part of a two part story of a discouraged, burned out pastor who visited our church and describes what he experienced. Part one is about his visit on Saturday where he met with the pastors to observe how they functioned together in making decisions. Part two is about the Sunday morning worship celebration. This story is an attempt to paint a picture of what I tried to describe last Sunday. I realize this may be new to some of you but the story is typical of what was actually happening at one time in our Cornerstone ministry and still is in some of our churches. Hopefully it will help to bring understanding to what we aim for in our worship celebration even though the format may vary some from one congregation to another. Bless you Pastor Gerald Attachment: Vision Narrative