Pastor’s Heart (June 21st)

From the Pastor’s Heart, Hello everyone. I hope your week is going well. For those who may not know, I’m Gerald Martin, recently installed as interim pastor at Restoration Cornerstone Church near Crozet, Virginia. The congregation has been without a pastor for the last six months and I have agreed to serve as an interim for the next three to six months as new leadership is processed. Today, I’m sending this email to the local people in our church members directory. I haven’t had the privilege of meeting everyone yet but look forward to getting acquainted. I plan to send out a weekly email to help keep everyone in the loop of what is happening. I realize that some of you may no longer be attending the church but are still listed in the directory. That is not a problem but if for some reason you do not wish to receive these weekly emails please let me know. You can simply reply to this email and request that your name be removed. We will honor your request. However, if you are still looking for a church home, please know that you are still welcome to attend and get involved. As Pastor Kenton, our overseer, did last Sunday, I too want to thank those who stood in the gap over the last six months filling in where needed. While less than ideal it is encouraging to know that congregational life was able to continue for a season without designated pastoral leadership. A special thanks to Matt Anderson and the transition team for coordinating the various activities and filling the Sunday morning pastoral role. Now that the transition team has fulfilled is responsibilities and will no longer be functioning in a leadership role, as the pastor I will be assuming leadership of the Sunday morning celebration and working with the ministry team that meets on a monthly basis. The ministry team is made of persons within the congregation that provide leadership for the various ministries. Other than that no major administrative changes are being proposed at this point. I hope those presently serving in ministry roles will continue to carry on. My main objective for the month of July is to get acquainted with the congregation. Sophia and I would like to meet with as many families as possible. We are open to visiting in your home or meeting at the church at your convience. While we plan to continue living in Harrisonburg we want to be available as much as needed. You can contact me by email, phone or text message. I don’t always answer my phone if I don’t recognize the number but you can always leave a message and I can return your call. My phone number is 540-578-0473. We ask for your prayers. We are keenly aware of our need for God’s help. Also, continue to pray for the congregation as direction is discovered and set for the future. Thank you for welcoming us on board. We trust that our journey together over the next number of months will be a mutual blessing. Bless you, Pastor Gerald